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24 in 48 July 2017 Recap

Bum. Bum. Bum. Another book bites the dust! My third 24 in 48 Readathon has come and gone, taking with it the excitement of connecting with other readers, the stress of a heavily scratched audiobook CD, and the half-crazed mania that rears its head whenever my sense of perfectionism meets a deadline and a lack of sleep. Every time has proven to be a little bit different, and while I wouldn’t say reading for this length of time necessarily gets easier, I learn a little more each time about how to better prepare for it.

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24 in 48 July 2017

Has it already been six months? Seems like just yesterday I was barricading myself inside for the January 24 in 48 readathon, and here we are again, preparing for another glorious weekend of reading reading reading and you guessed it more reading. I’m going for a 6:30pm Friday night to 6:30pm Sunday night time frame, and am hoping to cram more hours in on the front end than my previous two readathons, because – full disclosure – there’s a church pool party on Sunday night, and since today’s high was 106 degrees there’s no way I’m missing that bizniz. I’ve got lots of books and lots of Diet Pepsi, so here we goooooo!!!!!

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ALA 2017 aka Wow I’m Tired

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference is sooooooo fuuuuuuun!!! This was my 4th go-round, hitting up The Windy City June 23-26 for an extended weekend of pure bookish awesomeness with The Mother Unit. After being drafted as a literary pack mule in Orlando last year, The Husband Unit exhibited a strange recalcitrance toward attending again. Go figure. Every conference really is better than the last one, as I pick up new strategies for maximizing fun and book picking-upping. This post is about the trip in general; if you’d like a more in-depth look at the ARCs I picked up, that post is currently marinating in my brain and will likely spill forth in the next couple of days.

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A Darker Shade of Magic

Author: V.E. Schwab*

I thought about trying to come up with a clever intro statement for this review, but I kept coming back to “it’s really really really good,” so that’s what y’all get. Eloquence has always been one of my defining traits. At any rate, it’s true – A Darker Shade of Magic brings together multiple magical Londons, an infinite coat, a weapon-laden thief girl and some psycho villains to create a tantalizingly complex story full of adventure and escapades.

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The YA Chronicles Unboxing: ACOWAR

Many book boxes are monthly subscriptions that feature a surprise title. And while The YA Chronicles, based out of Australia, does have a monthly service like that, they also occasionally offer one-time boxes for highly anticipated titles, allowing readers to know they’re getting a preorder of what they want plus additional swag. So despite the wallet-draining experience of shipping something from Australia to the US, I jumped on the one-time A Court of Wings and Ruin (by the lovely Sarah J. Maas) box back in February, waited an interminable length of time for the May 2 book release, then waited some more for my box to make its way around the world. BUT IT FINALLY GOT HERE.  Continue reading “The YA Chronicles Unboxing: ACOWAR”

Rec Roundup: SJM Hangover

Sarah J. Maas fans, if you’re not in this position already, you probably soon will be. You finished A Court of Wings and Ruin. All 70 million billion Bible-thin pages of it. And it was utterly fabulous, and now the whole world looks dull by comparison.

What to read next? I just had a friend message me in dire need of SJM-equivalent recs, and I figured she can’t be the only one in this position. So if you’re looking for something that stands a chance of holding up to the glory of ACOWAR, I think the following titles just might do it for you.

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Author: Doree Shafrir
Releasing tomorrow! (Tuesday, April 25)

I got my hands on an ARC of this as a prize from January’s 24 in 48 Readathon, but it’s also been gaining quite a bit of pre-publication hype as an April Book of the Month selection.

The tech industry has us all convinced that having the latest gadget or hottest app is paramount to survival. Nobody is more prepared to deliver that spiel than Mack McAllister, whose TakeOff app is on the cusp of breaking through into the billion dollar range. So far he’s managed to successfully navigate the instantaneous nature of the social media world, but a single misguided moment in the never-ending stream of data might be enough to derail him with a PR disaster to rival those that have recently played out in real life. What ensues is a scathing look at the “techbro” industry, with razor humor and pacing that had me finishing the book within 24 hours. And the guy in the unicorn onesie on the cover? That’s actually in the book.

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A Crown of Wishes

Author: Roshani Chokshi

Literary siblings often have a way of stealing the spotlight – the Weasley twins, the Baudelaire baby, Aedion Ashryver (well, cousin), Jem Finch LOL JK Scout is way better. In The Star-Touched Queen, Maya’s younger sister Gauri was an unexpected standout, shining with fiery personality and indomitable strength despite appearing in a pretty small fraction of the story. Well, hold on to your hats because SHE HAS HER OWN BOOK NOW. Continue reading “A Crown of Wishes”

What self control?

Whenever I get off work early (as I did last Thursday), my brain immediately presents me with two options: I could go home and enjoy some down time before the Husband Unit gets off at 5…or I could go to that most glorious of establishments, the public library. Which is conveniently on my way home.

You will likely be unsurprised to learn that latter option wins out more often than not. Thus, the following look at how a woman of reasonably sound mind ended up bringing home even more books.

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