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Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Author, Artist: Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks

This graphic novel is straight up HILARIOUS.

Public high school. Limited activities funding. Science team wants to go to a robotics tournament. Cheerleaders want new uniforms. The budget will only fund one of them. Whichever side can get their candidate elected as Student Council president will control the budget.

Nothing could possibly go wrong. Continue reading “Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong”

Wires and Nerve

Let’s get this out of the way – Marissa Meyer is killing it. We already knew she was a rock star novelist, but graphic novels are a bit of a different beast. In a departure from the norm, Wires and Nerve is not merely a graphicalized* version of an existing book (which we’ve seen for series like Marie Lu’s Legend) but a continuation of her wildly popular Lunar Chronicles. Brand new stories, brand new medium, brand new awesome. Continue reading “Wires and Nerve”

The Bear and the Nightingale

Author: Katherine Arden

It’s hard to fight a war when you’re the only one who can see your enemy. Vasya has always been able to see the household spirits and wild guardians that few people still believe in and even fewer leave offerings for. What used to be commonly accepted customs have been relegated to mere stories told during the brutal Russian winters. But a bit of bread for the stove-dwelling domovoi is hardly the biggest issue, because if the most innocuous of the fantastical spirits are real, then it’s entirely possible that more malevolent forces are real as well. But will anyone recognize the signs of their coming?
Continue reading “The Bear and the Nightingale”

T5W: Now Hiring

Regular jobs are so boring compared to fictional jobs. Oh, you tweet for the student union of a Big 12 university?* Yeah well I’M A WIZARD. Though to be fair, books jobs often come with a unique set of downsides, particularly the fantasy ones. Apply here to be the long-lost queen! Except your kingdom has been taken over by warmongers and nobody knows who you are, and you’re probably an insecure, unskilled teenage girl! I hope you enjoy the classified ads for my Top 5 fictional jobs! Continue reading “T5W: Now Hiring”

Bound by Blood and Sand

Author: Becky Allen

To put it simply…Mad Max meets Ella Enchanted.

Granted, that probably caused more head-scratching than it solved, but if it intrigues you enough to keep reading then my work here is done. Continue reading “Bound by Blood and Sand”

Read, Watch, Listen Vol. 2

Wow, it’s been nine months since I first did one of these! It’s not attached to a group tag or anything, it’s just something I came up with to combine some of my favorite forms of media. We start with a book, then add a corresponding movie or YouTube video, finish off with a song and you’ve got a trio of goodness. Continue reading “Read, Watch, Listen Vol. 2”

Gilded Cage

Author: Vic James
High five to Del Rey Books for the advance copy!

The blurb for this book had one of my “sign me up” phrases: upstairs-downstairs drama.* Toss in magic with a societal power imbalance and I’m all in. Gilded Cage takes place in contemporary Britain where the traditional monarchy has been overthrown, killed off by magic-wielding (Skilled) nobles. They form the Parliament of Equals, but they’re only Equal to each other – all non-Skilled individuals must serve ten years of slavery at some point in their lives. It’s been deemed the “natural” order of things. Continue reading “Gilded Cage”

Carve the Mark

Author: Veronica Roth

Since 2011, Veronica Roth has been a single-franchise name. From the core Divergent trilogy and Four’s short story collection, to the accompanying movies/TV-show-whatever-it-is, she’s been deeply entrenched in the dystopian Chicago that put her name on the YA map. Carve the Mark represents her first major work that is wholly separate from the Divergent world and, as with any artistic venture that follow a mega-franchise, the big question is…does it measure up?

My thought? Mmmmmostly. Continue reading “Carve the Mark”


Author: Cecilia Ahern

In the wake of a disastrous depression, it’s no longer enough to just obey the law. In an attempt to keep people making poor decisions, however legal, that could lead to another downward spiral, moral failings are now punishable by society. A committee known as the Guild is charged with passing such verdicts, which nearly always result in the accused being branded as Flawed. Continue reading “Flawed”

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