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Author: Livia Blackburne
Publication: Nov. 7, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Hardcover: 400 pages

I bumped this book to the top of my TBR because through the end of December, author Livia Blackburne is doing a reviewer appreciation giveaway on her website! Anyone who either posts a review to a retailer website OR simply requests Rosemarked from their library will automatically receive a signed Rosemarked map print and bookmark, with drawings for additional swag/books also available. I think it’s awesome to include library requests for those who can’t afford new releases or whose libraries haven’t gotten it in circulation yet, and the prospect of guaranteed book swag will get me to do nigh on anything, so here goes the review.* Continue reading “Rosemarked”


Little Fires Everywhere

“Most communities just happen; the best are planned.” The underlying philosophy of Shaker Heights, Ohio, governs everything from acceptable colors of house paint and trash pick-up, to the lifestyle of one of its proudest residents, Elena Richardson. It promotes success. It rewards thoughtful planning. It keeps things neat and clean all around – at least on the outside. Continue reading “Little Fires Everywhere”

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Release Date: August 29, 2017

When the DC Icons series was announced in March 2016, readers were understandably very excited to see some of their favorite YA authors deliver a new take on four of the most well-known characters in the DC comics universe. This Tuesday, the first book in the series hits shelves – Leigh Bardugo’s “Wonder Woman: Warbringer.” I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of this, and am happy to report that it will undoubtedly add to the growing mainstream popularity of the character. Fans of the wildly successful Wonder Woman movie will appreciate how “Warbringer” continues the trend of presenting Diana as a powerful, fierce woman who takes the lead and hasn’t been oversexed or underdressed. Continue reading “Wonder Woman: Warbringer”

Miles Morales: Spider-Man

Author: Jason Reynolds

If you’ve only ever watched Spider-Man on the big screen, the setup of this book may come as a surprise.* A Spider-Man that isn’t Peter Parker? What’s up with that? If you really want more information, here’s the Marvel Wikia page, but delving into those things can quickly result in information overload. I haven’t personally read any of the Miles Morales comics, and am here to vouch that all you need to know to appreciate the book is this: his name is Miles Morales. And he’s Spider-Man. Got it? Good. Continue reading “Miles Morales: Spider-Man”

A Map for Wrecked Girls

Author: Jessica Taylor

A Map for Wrecked Girls is 50% deserted island, 50% contemporary LA, but dangerous pitfalls in both worlds make for a 100% survival story. An explosion on the boat is what threw Emma, Henri and Alex together in a pitched fight for survival, but that wasn’t the start of their troubles. Alex holds his secrets close to his chest, and Emma and Henri’s family was already falling apart around them. But at least the sisters always had each other – until that fell apart, too. Continue reading “A Map for Wrecked Girls”

T5W: When Silver Trumps Gold

We can all agree that Second Book Syndrome is a real thing – a series explodes onto the scene with a fabulous first installment, maybe races to the top of the NYT bestseller list, cheers cheers applause applause, only to have book 2 not quite hit the mark. But before we beat that dead horse into further submission, rest assured that this week’s Top Five Wednesday is exactly the opposite. This week, we’re toasting middle of the series books that topped out the bell curve on quality. Here’s to second (first?) place! Continue reading “T5W: When Silver Trumps Gold”

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Author: Gail Honeyman

If you’re looking for the humorous pragmatism of A Man Called Ove mixed with the heartfelt bumbling relationships of The Rosie Project, Eleanor Oliphant is exactly that. Eleanor requires very little from life: a job with minimal coworker interactions, a weekend indulgence of vodka and frozen pizza, and a Tesco loyalty card. Her weekly phone calls with her mother are trying, but unavoidable. She doesn’t care to understand why society at large deigns to engage in idle chit-chat, much less participate herself.

Continue reading “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”

24 in 48 July 2017 Recap

Bum. Bum. Bum. Another book bites the dust! My third 24 in 48 Readathon has come and gone, taking with it the excitement of connecting with other readers, the stress of a heavily scratched audiobook CD, and the half-crazed mania that rears its head whenever my sense of perfectionism meets a deadline and a lack of sleep. Every time has proven to be a little bit different, and while I wouldn’t say reading for this length of time necessarily gets easier, I learn a little more each time about how to better prepare for it.

Continue reading “24 in 48 July 2017 Recap”

24 in 48 July 2017

Has it already been six months? Seems like just yesterday I was barricading myself inside for the January 24 in 48 readathon, and here we are again, preparing for another glorious weekend of reading reading reading and you guessed it more reading. I’m going for a 6:30pm Friday night to 6:30pm Sunday night time frame, and am hoping to cram more hours in on the front end than my previous two readathons, because – full disclosure – there’s a church pool party on Sunday night, and since today’s high was 106 degrees there’s no way I’m missing that bizniz. I’ve got lots of books and lots of Diet Pepsi, so here we goooooo!!!!!

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