We all have approximately 8 billion pictures on our phones that never go anywhere. Selfies, sunrises, pictures of written lists that are supposed to remind us of things we already forgot to do…or maybe that’s just me. But since ink runs through my veins, there’s also a smattering of bookish things in there that have been collected since probably September-ish. Away we go!

File Apr 10, 7 43 09 PM-edit

The Husband Unit, whose face has been velociraptored for…privacy reasons*… showcases extreme excitement over our find of $5 Salty Literary Tea Towels. Quotes on the towels: “It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read,” and “People that like to read are always a little (screwed) up.” But with more adult language. I try to keep that one put away when the Parental Units visit.

File Apr 10, 7 37 15 PM

Is this Glitter Library compatible with my regular library?

File Apr 10, 7 44 28 PM

I need this sign, but hanging around my neck so people see it and STOP INTERRUPTING.


File Apr 10, 7 46 19 PM-edit

Now that Books a Million is in the local mall (can I get a rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus?), I get this face from the Husband Unit every time I insist on going in. Which is every time we’re at the mall.

File Apr 10, 7 50 25 PM

Darth Vader hangs out with his own story, and is glad he’s on the cover rather than that lame-o Luke Skywalker. coughcoughDarkSideRulescoughcough

File Apr 10, 7 42 26 PM

The Husband Unit claimed Queen of Shadows was too large to even fit in the picture. Whatevah. The bigger the book, the better.


File Apr 10, 7 47 51 PM

Someday, this bookworm will guard my tomes. Someday, when $50 and a small apartment don’t stay my hand. Someday.

*It’s mostly just because I think it’s funny.