The Top Five Wednesday topic is authors we’d like to meet at Book Expo America and Bookcon. I’m not going to either of those events and looking at the attending author lineup would only send me into an agitated state, yelling at the Husband Unit about “why aren’t we going?!?!” and generally make us both crazy. Well, crazier than usual. We are, however, going to the American Library Association convention in June, and while that author lineup has not been released yet, here’s my dream list of who could be there!

  1. Cassandra Clare
    The books keep coming, and they get bigger every time. According to my highly scientific method of standing on the bathroom scale with and without the book in hand, Lady Midnight clocks in at 2.6 pounds. That’s a lot of book. Every time I heft up her newest release I’m slightly apprehensive, worrying that it might not be as good as the last one, but ten pages in I’m berating myself for ever doubting.LM_cover
  2. Sarah J. Maas
    Same principal as Cassandra Clare – they just keep getting bigger and better. When my hold comes in at the library, I stare at it for a couple of days, wavering on the brink of committing to 500-600 pages, but once I dive in it’s a steady devouring.empire-of-storms-title-reveal
  3. Sabaa Tahir
    I bought a hardback copy of Ember in the Ashes before I returned my two library copies (print for me and audio for the Husband Unit) because I didn’t want to go a day without it in my life.emberintheashes_jkt_5-1
  4. Garth Nix
    Because the reprints of the pre-2005 Old Kingdom books to go with 2014’s Clariel are svnsaldhvslkd gorgeous. That was me spluttering over the gorgeousness, particularly the spot varnish Charter marks all across the background, i.e. the glossy bits overlaid on the main print (graphic designer nerd out!). The effect doesn’t translate through a computer screen, so just go grab yourself a print copy, tilt it toward the light, and prepare to swoon.sabriel-reprints
  5. Erika Johansen
    Not sure I’ll buy #2 and #3 of the Tearling series, but the hardcover of Queen of the Tearling will never leave my collection, so I might as well get it signed. Great story. Velvety cover. Gold foil. Amazing typography. Deckled edges. Ribbon bookmark. RIBBON. BOOKMARK. That’s like, Queen of England classy, irreverant apologies to any actual Brits who might read this.18712886

Post-posting musing: I would add or swap in Rae Carson, because I heart Girl of Fire and Thorns.

When ALA finally drops the list, I am going to FREAK. OUT. My heart rate will immediately launch to unhealthy levels. There will be piercing shrieks. There will be a frantic waving of hands. There will be a spreadsheet, categorized by date, time, solo vs. duplicate appearances, and overall priority. It will be color-coded. Obviously. But regardless of who ends up on the final list, I know it will be a rockin’ good time! Orlando, we’re coming for yoooouuuuu!!!!!