For most of us, the TBR list is a never-ending beast that seems to grow by 2 – or 5 or 20 or a billion – for every title we manage to move into that elusive “have actually read” column. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday (on Thursday) covers my most recent additions to that beautifully daunting wish list. And to the Husband Unit, who asks why I need more books when I recently picked up 65 for free, I say:


  1. Empire of Storms  |  Sarah J. Maas
    Yes yes yes and yes! I just about peed my pants when I saw her fall US tour schedule and discovered she is COMING WITHIN TWO HOURS OF ME. I wanted to shriek, but I was in a hotel at the time and that would’ve been “inappropriate.”tumblr_o8vd40nmun1u0il5ao1_1280

    Anyway…the Throne of Glass series is absolutely phenomenal, and its author is one of the reigning queens of YA. Her book tours span the globe, including the US, UK, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Just let the staggering cost of that sink in along with the realization that a publisher wouldn’t do that if the author wasn’t grade A amazing. As the 5th book in this series (6th if you count compiled novellas) we’ve moved beyond the fears of “2nd book syndrome” and are pretty much guaranteed that Empire of Storms will be a well deserved bestseller. I don’t pre-order books as a general rule (have to give them a library test drive first), but I did for this because it will soon have her swooshy signature in it! Also, the Dad Unit really likes the concept of ghost leopards.

  2. The Girls  |  Emma Cline
    This psychological thriller about a Manson-esque cult wouldn’t have been on my radar if not for Litsy, a Goodreads/Instagram hybrid book app that I absolutely adore. If you have an iPhone and aren’t on Litsy, you need to get on that pronto; BookRiot gives a nice rundown of its functionality here. My Litsy peeps have all been raving about this book, and they have yet to steer me wrong – the last groundswell recommendation I gleaned from there was The Fireman, which ended up working out pretty well for me. I’m slowly eeking to the top of the hold list.cjecxluwgaawemi
  3. A Crown of Wishes  |  Roshani Chokshi
    I was extremely pleased to hear there will a companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen, which impressed me with its exquisite imagery (full review here). Rather than being a direct sequel, this will follow the story of a secondary character from Star-Touched, expanding on a storyline that is alluded to but ultimately left untouched as the first book’s protagonist continues on a different path. If that all sounds supremely vague, it’s because revealing details of Crown of Wishes is minorly spoilerish to some character development elements of Star-Touched. If you really want to know, you can get a synopsis and excerpt of Crown of Wishes here. It won’t be a deal-breaker if you haven’t read Star-Touched, but I like to preserve suspense when I can.19546567-_sy540_
  4. And I Darken  |  Kiersten White
    At first glance, this looked like it could be one of a dozen standard YA reads (particularly the US cover on the left below), and it wasn’t doing anything to elbow out a top spot on my TBR list. But then the power of Litsy kicked in again, and I started seeing powerful quote and review posts that made me look twice. A historical fiction set in the Ottoman Empire with Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for Dracula) reimagined as a girl, I have yet to see anything negative about it. Seeing the UK cover (middle) also gave me a more concrete feel for the story’s intensity, and the ARC cover (right) is just plain fun. Hold list, work your magic a little faster plz.and-i-darken-book-cover-battle-us-uk   tumblr_o2s75psjn81s3ycibo1_500
  5. A Court of Mist and Fury  |  Sarah J. Maas
    Oh, did you want five different authors? Well, too bad. Reading A Court of Thorns and Roses has been…interesting. Mostly because my horrific skimming problem has reached new heights, and despite being only halfway through it, I already have a firm grasp on the entire back half of the book. I blame my airplane ticket from this week’s travels, which I stuck into a back page at random, and when the book fell open to that page (featuring a certain High Lord of the Night Court) my eyes started sucking up words and it was all downhill from there. I won’t move on to Mist and Fury until I’ve actually read all of Thorns and Roses. At least I think I won’t. I don’t have Mist and Fury in my physical possession at the moment, but once I do who knows what might happen?tumblr_o2swo5pwij1u0il5ao1_1280

Bonus: A Torch Against the Night  |  Sabaa Tahir
This book would’ve garnered one of the top spots on my list had I not cough cough already acquired it cough cough. I love ALA. The following is an excerpt of the extremely shouty texts I send my family. My older sister-in-law has been on the receiving end of more than a few of these, and she still decided to join our family. She’s basically a saint.


BTW, Torch is amazing. No spoilers, just that. Get your hands on it ASAP once it hits shelves Aug. 30. Sooooo, what’s on your wish list? As if mine isn’t already long enough.