New Year’s Resolutions have never really been my thing, and as far as I’m concerned, January is a terrible month for making them. Nothing says “let’s make a positive change!” like dreary skies, never-ending cold and short days. However, that kind of weather is excellent for snuggling up in a blanket burrito and reading! So let’s skip all the health and wellness blah blah blah that typically accompanies New Year’s Resolutions, and get straight to my bookish goals for the year.

Catch Up on Posts 

The Husband Unit and I bought a fixer-upper house this fall, which means I have so much free time LOL that’s a giant lie. Anyway, I have a few reviews and an author event recap that I’d like to get out just so I can stop mulling them over in my brain. Better late than never!

More Audiobooks

I, like everyone else, am only accorded the standard 24 hours per day.* I’ve never been much for audiobooks, mainly because I am a sentence savorer, but I’d like to get into them this year because they allow for multi-tasking. Case in point: the Husband Unit has his eye on us laying down lots of flooring the same weekend as the upcoming 24 in 48 Readathon. Provided it’s a reread or a book that I’m not ultra-invested in, I can handle plugging my audiobook app into a guitar speaker that will override most of our construction noise. House gets done, books get read, which helps with my next goal…

Litsy A to Z Challenge

If you’re not familiar with Litsy, what are you still doing here? Get thee to the app store of thy chosen device (as long as it’s Apple or Android) and download download download! I won’t blab about what it is; BookRiot already has an article that breaks it down nicely. In short, user BookishMarginalia is coordinating an alphabetic reading challenge for those of us that don’t want to keep track of all the multi-faceted categories that so many other book challenges use (like ReadHarder, PopSugar or Modern Mrs. Darcy). For Litsy A to Z, you pick a book that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet via the first letter of the title or the author’s last name. If you’re hardcore, you make a list solely out of one category or the other. If that stresses you out, there’s also a mixed track for picking out of both baskets. I’m doing the mixed track, because ain’t nobody gonna tell me what does and doesn’t count toward my alphabet quest.


I’ve started a spreadsheet (swoon) of tentative ideas, but I already know many of these will get totally overridden by new releases and whatever grabs my attention at the library. Still, it’s nice to have a base to work from in case I get stuck on a letter. Speaking of which – if you have any fabulous recommendations for G, J, O, Q, V or X, I’m not sold on those yet.

  • A: The Handmaid’s Tale  |  Margaret Atwood
  • B: Six of Crows  |  Leigh Bardugo
  • C: Crooked Kingdom  |  Leigh Bardugo
  • D: Rebel Genius  |  Michael DiMartino
  • E: Ever the Hunted  |  Erin Summerill
  • F: The Tournament at Gorlan  |  John Flanagan
  • G: Graceling  |  Kristin Cashore
  • H: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before  |  Jenny Han
  • I: Ink and Bone  |  Rachel Caine
  • J: TBD
  • K: The Friday Society  |  Adrienne Kress
  • L: The Library at Mount Char  |  Scott Hawkins
  • M: Court of Wings and Ruin  |  Sarah J. Maas
  • N: Abhorsen  |  Garth Nix
  • O: TBD
  • P: Heart of Betrayal  |  Mary E. Pearson
  • Q: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking  |  Susan Cain
  • R: Ruin and Rising  |  Leigh Bardugo
  • S: Shadow and Bone  |  Leigh Bardugo
  • T: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy  |  Cassandra Clare
  • U: Unwholly  |  Neal Shusterman
  • V: TBD
  • W: Waking Gods  |  Sylvain Neuvel
  • X: TBD
  • Y: The Young Elites  |  Marie Lu
  • Z: The Zookeeper’s Wife  |  Diane Ackerman

If you didn’t notice, I’m currently having what I’m referring to as a Bardugo Binge.

GoodReads Challenge

Every year, a bazillion and a half people set a GoodReads goal for how many books they want to read. Many set (and accomplish) goals of 100 or more, to which I say…


I have set my goal to 26. That way, if I complete the Litsy A to Z challenge, I will have read at least as many books as my GoodReads goal! I’ve never actually set one before for fear of not meeting it, because I HATE to lose, even to myself. But a friend asked, and the peer pressure was nigh on insurmountable.**

Anyway, that’s the plan for Book Freak-Out 2017. Have schemes of your own? Mountains of books to read? Of course you do. Let’s see ’em; shout out what resolutions you’re making or drop a link in the comments!

2017 isn’t going to know what hit it.

*If you have a Time Turner, please send it my way.

**I can 100% guarantee that my mom is rolling her eyes right now.