Ooooooooohhhh it’s time it’s time it’s time! I participated in the July 2016 24 in 48 readathon on a whim, having never done anything like it before. Long story short, it was super fabulous, so when I got the email about signups for the January edition, it basically went: *click click* can we start right now?

Friday, January 20

10:00 pm CST
IT IS TIME. The organizer’s clock kicks off at midnight EST (11 pm for me) but I’ve chosen to knock my start time up an hour so I’ll end before I need to get some form of sleep to be a functioning human at work on Monday. So with that…


10:01 pm
I’m kicking off with the audiobook of Julie Kagawa’s Soldier, which I’m already partway through. Snap a screenshot to remember where I started for my time count, because if I’m going to win at something, by golly I’m going to be able to prove it.

10:57 pm
I require snacks. My audiobook is streaming through my laptop, but I am unwilling to sacrifice the 90 seconds of reading time it would take to sprint to the kitchen and back. So I take my laptop on a field trip, trailing my uber long headphone cord behind me. Like, 15 feet of headphone cord. It’s a gaming headset.

Saturday, January 21

12:25 am
Still audiobooking and crocheting the head of my plushie squid. Though I know the Husband Unit has sleep on his mind, he is also playing Civ 5, a game that can suck away hours of your life in the blink of an eye. I wonder how long I can keep him from realizing what time it is.

1:08 am
The unavoidable has come. I must sleep, despite the fact that I really really really want to read aaaaaaaaall night! 2 hours left in Soldier. These characters are all raging hormone bags. Will she choose Prospective Love Interest #1 or #2?!?!?!?!?!?

Total so far: 3 hours 6 minutes

8:15 am
I am never up this early on the weekend. But this is no ordinary weekend. The Husband Unit is still asleep, so I sneak out to put my contacts in and slide back under the covers to read by the light coming through the window. I hope he sleeps until noon.

9:00 am
The gig is up. The Husband Unit is awake and making all sorts of erroneous demands like “we should clean the kitchen” and “we should clean the bathrooms” and “we should wash the dishes.”


9-11 a.m.
I am buying future non-interference with my labor. It wouldn’t be so bad if somebody didn’t KEEP INTERRUPTING MY AUDIOBOOK.

11:15 a.m.
UGGHHHH FINALLY. I managed to shuffle the Husband Unit out the door on a trip to Home Depot, buying myself some time to sit down, listen in peace, and update this without him staring judgment. I need to park him in front of the computer this afternoon and take his phone so he doesn’t realize how much time is passing.


11:47 am
Finished the audiobook of Soldier and whoooaaaaa did it drop some bombs in the last 20 minutes. For anyone who’s read Talon and Rogue, the addition of Dante as a narrator and flashbacks to Garret’s early days of training flesh this one out nicely. Starting audiobook of A Man Called Ove on the recommendation of the Mother Unit, who will hassle me if I don’t get through it. Continuing crocheting on the squid, though the current question is whether or not I have enough yarn. Very dramatic, I know.

My command center for the weekend.

12:57 pm
After scarfing down Wendy’s, I retreat to my solitude. A Man Called Ove is completely hilarious. From what I’ve listened to and heard from other people, it’s basically the novelization of Up: grumpy man set in his ways is jarred by the arrival of friendly new neighbors.


So far it’s been full of curmudgeonly one-liners such as:

“What all these people were doing at the shopping center on a normal weekday was beyond his comprehension. Obviously people no longer had jobs to go to.”

In other news, the Husband Unit has started another game of Civ 5. I’m good for at least 4 hours, possibly longer.

3:30 pm
YouTube break! I have managed to wrangle the final parts of the squid body out before the yarn skein ran out. Inner victory dance.

3:50 pm
Switching to a print book, Bound by Blood and Sand. Think Ella Enchanted but more mature and in a desert. In the aftermath of a war, the class of people known as the Closest are all subject to a curse that forces them to obey any order, answer any question and only speak truthfully. Jae, one of the Closest, unexpectedly unlocks a connection to the magic that might save her world from drought. But when saving the world means preserving the status quo of slavery, she isn’t exactly keen on helping. She’s a refreshingly angry heroine that doesn’t have time for any of the nonsensical swooning that seeps into so many YA novels.

4:34 pm
Back on A Man Called Ove. Thought I should share this gem:

“How the heck are you supposed to have a reasonable conversation with someone who buys a BMW?”

5:40 pm
The squid is doooooone!!!!! Pattern is from Crochet Taxidermy if you’re so inclined as a crafter. Jellyfish are up next.


8:02 pm
Still chugging along on the audiobook. I could quote just about every other line, but here are a choice few:

“Sway like a panda that’s been given a valium overdose.”

“He heaves up the body into the backpacker’s arms  in a way that Audi-driving men in neon bright jogging pants are often incapable of doing.”

10:01 pm
Aaaaaand, now there’s a jellyfish to add to the mix. The Husband Unit says I need to stop reading before I fill our house with sea creatures. I heartily disagree.


10:14 pm
Logged onto my Weather Bub app and the picture is PERFECT!


Sunday, January 22

12:57 am
Finished Bound by Blood and Sand, which was a pretty solid read. No romance (thank heavens), and a refreshingly flawed heroine who is powerfully angry, and once she gains power of her own has a real struggle with delivering mercy instead of vengeance. Her brother is everything to her; their relationship drives most of the strong emotional aspects of this book.

1:44 am
asnvnsklhhzaweks oh sorry almost fell asleep at the keyboard there. Going to bed.

honk shoo honk shoo

Total so far: 16 hours 55 minutes

8:40 am
The very-awake-before-9am Hannah that was present yesterday has not deigned to make an appearance today. The outside light seems abnormally piercing on the drive to church, but at least I have an audiobook CD of The Young Elites that the Husband Unit and I have slowly been working our way through. Upon our arrival, I discover that he has no qualms about turning it off in the MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE.


12:15 pm
Following lunch, I am dragged to the grocery store against my will. My plans to keep an earbud in while we shop are foiled by my stupid phone’s inability to even load it, probably thanks to the large metal building we are in and its irritating tendency to wreak havoc on cell signals. The Husband Unit says he has never seen me shop so fast.*


12:35 pm
The grocery store checkout person is clearly out to get me. First, there is a prolonged period of stupefaction as the person in front of me has a problem with his order, which ends up involving digging through the items already in bags. I erroneously assume the problem was with the customer. I am proven wrong as soon as the employee rings us up for 36 bell peppers instead of two. THIRTY. SIX. Thus begins a long period of him calling helplessly for a manager to figure out what the crap has gone wrong, at one point reducing our total to half of what it should’ve been before they finally figure it out. Our receipt print out is approximately a mile long. Luckily, way back when the previous customer was encountering difficulties, I pulled up my phone ebook and blatantly ignored everything happening around me. Normally I would consider this to be the height of rudeness, but we were operating under special circumstances here, and it was the only way to preserve my sanity while keeping the employee’s head attached.


1:15 pm
I AM FINALLY HOME. I know I have enough time to finish before my personal cut-off time of 10pm, if only the interruptions would cease. I’m back in my command center with the beginnings of a crochet octopus in front of me.

2:19 pm
Finished A Man Called Ove! Funny and sweet and a teeny bit sad, would highly recommend, especially in audiobook so you can hear the narration in grumpy old man voice. Starting audiobook of Fire by Kristin Cashore. I am immediately unsure of this narrator’s voice, but whatever whatever.

3-6 pm
I am sooooo tiiiiiiiiired. I alternate between the audiobook of Fire and a print copy of Raymie Nightingale by Kate Dicamillo. It’s short and quick, and I get through about 3/4 of it in less than 2 hours. When I listen to Fire, I plop my head down on a pillow. I remember…most…of what I hear.


6:15 pm
I drag myself away from the pillow because a) I am refreshed and b) I need to figure out exactly how many hours I have read.

Total so far: 23 hours, 15 minutes, 24 seconds

So close…so close

7:16 pm
DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to root out some dinner.

Grand Total: 24 hours, 7 minutes, 17 seconds


*He’s never been Black Friday shopping with me, which would have otherwise debunked this declaration.