Whenever I get off work early (as I did last Thursday), my brain immediately presents me with two options: I could go home and enjoy some down time before the Husband Unit gets off at 5…or I could go to that most glorious of establishments, the public library. Which is conveniently on my way home.

You will likely be unsurprised to learn that latter option wins out more often than not. Thus, the following look at how a woman of reasonably sound mind ended up bringing home even more books.

  1. Walking out from work, thinks to self: Wow it’s been at least a full 24 hours since I visited the library. There could be something new in the used book sale section. Wouldn’t want to miss out on a great deal just because I didn’t meticulously check every single day. And most importantly…THE HUSBAND UNIT WON’T BE THERE TO STOP THE MADNESS.
  2. Proceed to the library, naturally.
  3. Experience a moment of momentary confusion at why it looks dark inside. Are they inexplicably closed? Remove sunglasses. Confusion resolved.
  4. “I’ll just check the used section, I don’t need to browse the stacks.”
    “Browse the stacks.”
  5. Proceed to the new YA shelf and discover Starfall by Melissa Landers. Think to self, “Why did nobody tell me this was out?!?!?” as if the publishing industry owed me a personal memo.
  6. I’ll just get this one book. I only have 2 or 3 things already checked out anyway.
    Imaginary narrator: She had 13 things checked out.96e4cf7e5d5281d1fbcd1c5291b4d9a9
  7. Succumb to the gravitational pull of the adult fiction stacks, full of good intentions to only see if they have a few titles from my Sirens Reading Challenge list. Too bad some other good authors happen to be in alphabetical proximity.
  8. I have no recollection of how these ended up in my arms.
    File Apr 06, 5 03 41 PM.jpeg
  9. Close my eyes and run blindly for the checkout, lest I see something else I can’t resist. Any twinges of guilt I may harbor are eradicated upon getting my printout, which fancily lists the combined retail price of your materials, along with a running tally for the year or two they’ve had this service.
    File Apr 06, 5 07 31 PM
  10. Exit happily, think to myself, “Wow, look at how much money I saved! I’m a paragon of restraint. Let’s do this again tomorrow.”

I know I’m not alone in this! And quite frankly, as long as I don’t rack up too many overdue fines (30-40 cents a month is perfectly acceptable) then I’m perfectly okay with it. After all, there are worse problems to have. And since it’s National Library Week, if you’re looking for an excuse to visit yours, consider this permission to bring home a new stack of book babies guilt free.