Aside from the standard Goodreads title count, I’ve discovered I like to change things up year to year, so these are all new challenges to me. I’ve also found that I have no interest in forcing myself to fulfill specific genres, themes or other defined characteristics that are a basis for many challenges. Stubborn much? As more and more books find their way home to my shelves (I swear they’re breeding), I’ve begun to harbor a sneaking suspicion that my unread/owned titles outnumber the read/owned ones. So for 2018, I’ve picked challenges that center on backlist books (aka published 2017 or earlier), with one specifically focused on backlist books I already own.

SEYA Unofficial Challenge

I’m trying to read as many books by authors appearing at the Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival before I travel to Tennessee for it in March.

As of Feb. 10, 2018: 3

  • Nemesis and Genesis by Brendan Reichs
  • Mosquitoland by David Arnold

Beat the Backlist Challenge

Reading anything published prior to 2018; I don’t have a specific number I’m aiming for here.

As of Feb. 10, 2018: 10

Mount TBR Challenge

Reading books you owned prior to Jan. 1, 2018

Goal: 12 (Pike’s Peak level)

As of Feb. 10, 2018: 3

Goodreads Challenge

Goal: 36
This is purposefully low, because I HATE to lose. I broke 200 last year, but arrived at this number by figuring in a book club pick, backlist book and ARC/new release for each month.

As of Feb. 10, 2018: 19