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Sass and the Selection

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 31-Epilogue)

In honor of the final leg of our journey through The Crown, I’m going to pass the intro over to a man who really knows how to make a speech.


That pretty much covers it. Not ready for the end yet? Catch up on previous sections here! Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 31-Epilogue)”

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 26-30)

The end is in sight: only one more set of chapters after this. WE CAN DO IT! When we last saw Eadlyn, she had presumably decided who was going to be the grand winner. But we all know a lot can happen in 60 pages, which is approximately what’s left. It’s like watching a medical TV drama – you know the diagnosis is only going to be right when there’s about  10 minutes left. Missed some chapters? Not a problem: previous installments are here, ready and waiting for you! Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 26-30)”

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 21-25)

Blargh, it’s been almost two weeks since I posted one of these! I had to finish some review books before the library overdue fines crept up too high.*

After the wild ride of last time (in which Eadlyn ascended to the throne and we learn relational truths about Ean and Hale), one can only hope that this segment will be somewhat less filled with surprise reveals, mic drops and general disbelief. Don’t hold your breath, though, because you might pass out and I will not be held legally responsible for any injuries incurred because of this book. First time? Here’s all the fun we’ve had thus far! Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 21-25)”

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 16-20)

We left off with a doozy of a chapter, that’s for sure. Hope you’ve sufficiently recovered from the crazy, because we’re only going to step on the throttle from here on out. If you’re just joining this acerbic read-through of The Crown, catch up here, then stretch your eyebrows of skepticism for round 4! Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 16-20)”

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 11-15)

They say the third time’s the charm, but I’m not really sure what for. For this book to get even a fraction more believable? For a believable line of dialogue from The Boys? For my eyes to finally get stuck in the rolling position? Only time will tell. If you’re just joining us, feel free to indulge in Chapters 1-5 and 6-10 before forging ahead. Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 11-15)”

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 6-10)

Welcome back to Sass and the Selection, in which I lovingly rip up The Crown, the final installment in the series that makes us alternate between swooning and eye-rolling at a dizzying pace! Catch up on Chapters 1-5 here, then do some vocal warmups to prep your heavy sigh, because we’re not slowing down! Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 6-10)”

Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 1-5)

Brace yourselves for a full on super-spoilerific walk-through of The Crown, the fifth and final book in the bestselling Bachelor(ette) Selection series. If you’re a stick in the mud about a little good-natured ribbing, I’d advise you to back away slowly. Because while I thoroughly enjoy these books as my guilty pleasure series, there are undeniable…issues…with them. And to give credit where credit is due, the inspiration for this series came from the utterly hilarious read-through of Throne of Glass currently happening over on Hey Ashers! It’s all in good fun, though, so here we go!

Continue reading “Sass and the Selection #5 (Chpts 1-5)”

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