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Author: Christina Dalcher
Publisher: Berkley
Publication: August 21, 2018
Hardcover: 336 pages

The last few years have seen a resurgence of feminist dystopias in media, with Christina Dalcher’s Vox as one of the latest additions to the genre. Dalcher’s near-future America centers around a simple, yet horrifying concept – what if women were only allowed to speak 100 words a day? Continue reading “Vox”


Author: Cynthia Weil
Publisher: Tanglewood
Publication: March 13, 2018
Hardcover: 232 pages
Digital ARC received through NetGalley.

I hemmed and hawed about how to describe this book, because it left me with extremely conflicting opinions between the “read for enjoyment” and ethically-oriented portions of my brain. Before I go into specifics, my distilled opinion is this:
a. “806” is a fun, lighthearted read, but
b. it shouldn’t be.


Continue reading “806”

Should You Start? Project Nemesis Series

Released Titles: Nemesis, Genesis (coming super soon!)
Author: Brendan Reichs
PublisherG.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers
Publication: March 21, 2017; March 6, 2018
Hardcover: 464 pages (Nemesis), 512 pages (Genesis)
Spoiler-free for both books. ARC of Genesis received through a giveaway by author Mindy McGinnis, additional thanks to Putnam for making them available to people in the first place!

Min hates her birthday. Hates it and fears it, because every two years since she turned eight, a man in a black suit tracks her down and murders her in cold blood. She wakes up outside of town hours later with no injuries and no remaining evidence of what happened beyond her own memories. Her mother and psychiatrist seem to think therapy and pills will help her get over these “episodes,” but Min isn’t convinced Black Suit is a figment of her imagination.


Continue reading “Should You Start? Project Nemesis Series”

Tarnished City

Author: Vic James
Series: Dark Gifts (Book 2)
Publisher: Del Rey
: Feb. 6, 2018
: 416 pages
ARC received from Del Rey through Goodreads

Second books are something of a proving ground for me. I’m always happy to test out the first book in a new series, but if I do come back for the second, it typically ends in one of two ways – I’m in for the long haul, or I pull a Did Not Finish and drop off the bandwagon entirely. The first book in the Dark Gifts trilogy, Gilded Cage, was a three star read for me. There was a lot of ambitious world building and alternate history to be introduced, but I felt author Vic James had really hit her stride by the explosive ending and I was left feeling hopeful that the series would continue in that vein. Fellow readers, she DID NOT DISAPPOINT.


Continue reading “Tarnished City”

Reign the Earth

Author: A.C. Gaughen
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Publication: Jan. 30, 2018
Hardcover: 448 pages
ARC received from Bloomsbury USA Childrens

To illustrate how much I love this book, I have a little story involving curiosity, impatience and the United States Postal Service. Reign the Earth wasn’t on my radar prior to the July 2017 American Library Association Conference, but while there, I spotted an ARC of it in someone’s bag while waiting in one of several billion lines. The cover caught my eye, so when I later happened upon a stack of them ripe for the taking I stroooolled on over and, after a cursory examination of the description, added it to my rapidly-filling tote bag. That should’ve been the end of the story.

Continue reading “Reign the Earth”

Reign of the Fallen

Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication: Jan. 23, 2018
Hardcover: 384 pages
Digital galley received through Penguin First to Read

In Karthia, death is not the end. Souls that would eventually fade away in the Deadlands can be guided back to their bodies for another chance at life thanks to necromancers like Odessa and her partner Evander, who have recently been named Masters of their trade. Their magic has allowed King Wylding to reign for centuries, but the constancy comes at a price, both for the “living” Dead and the rest of Karthia. The Dead must live a shrouded life; if so much as a sliver of their skin is revealed to a living person, they transform in a Shade, an unspeakable monster that devours life.

a9621b08-ebf4-4045-a1cb-033d251f2d34.gif Continue reading “Reign of the Fallen”

As You Wish

Author: Chelsea Sedoti
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication: Jan. 2, 2018
Hardcover: 432 pages
Print ARC received from Sourcebooks Fire

Unrelated, just had to get this out of the way.

Haaaaappy biiiiiirthdaaaaaay tooooo yoooouuuuuu!!! Take a deep breath, blow out the candles and make a wish! But don’t tell anyone what you wished for, or it won’t come true.

The idea of birthday magic is just a nice fantasy for most of the world, but the few people who call the small, dusty town of Madison, Nevada home know that it can hold unearthly potential when the time is right. Not thanks to a candle or cake, but thanks to the wishing cave just outside of town. Every resident gets a wish on their 18th birthday. Every resident’s wish is fulfilled. Sound too good to be true? It just might be. Continue reading “As You Wish”

Should You Start? Wayward Children Series

Released Titles: Every Heart a Doorway, Down Among the Sticks and Bones, Beneath the Sugar Sky
Author: Seanan McGuire
Publisher: Publishing

Has this happened to you? You’re intrigued by a cover reveal or title announcement, only to be completely derailed when it says “the sequel to…” or “book three of the ___ series…” and you realize there are prereqs like it’s college all over again. And even though you love reading, your TBR stretches to the moon and back, so how do you know if an in-progress series is worth jumping into?

With the arrival of Beneath the Sugar Sky (today!), I’m here to give you a spoiler-free rundown of the Wayward Children novellas, so you can decide whether or not to jump in. Here’s a hint…

Unknown.gif Continue reading “Should You Start? Wayward Children Series”


Author: Livia Blackburne
Publication: Nov. 7, 2017
Hardcover: 400 pages

I bumped this book to the top of my TBR because through the end of December, author Livia Blackburne is doing a reviewer appreciation giveaway on her website! Anyone who either posts a review to a retailer website OR simply requests Rosemarked from their library will automatically receive a signed Rosemarked map print and bookmark, with drawings for additional swag/books also available. I think it’s awesome to include library requests for those who can’t afford new releases or whose libraries haven’t gotten it in circulation yet, and the prospect of guaranteed book swag will get me to do nigh on anything, so here goes the review.* Continue reading “Rosemarked”

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