Hello, my name is Hannah, (hi Hannah) and I have a freak-out problem.

Whenever I read something good or see bookish news I…freak out. A lot. The introvert goes out the window and turn into a full-on hyperenthusiastic bookvangelist. Shouting. Squeeling. Fanning myself. Rush of endorphins, accelerated heart rate.

So instead of inundating my hapless friends and family with the same freak-outs, mostly delivered via shouting, I catalogue them here to get the franticness out of my system. This frees up my brain to take in more literary excellence and gives everyone else’s ears a break. Win-win!

By and large, science fiction, fantasy and dystopia rule the day for me, in both YA and adult books.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note in the contact form below!