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Rec Roundup: SJM Hangover

Sarah J. Maas fans, if you’re not in this position already, you probably soon will be. You finished A Court of Wings and Ruin. All 70 million billion Bible-thin pages of it. And it was utterly fabulous, and now the whole world looks dull by comparison.

What to read next? I just had a friend message me in dire need of SJM-equivalent recs, and I figured she can’t be the only one in this position. So if you’re looking for something that stands a chance of holding up to the glory of ACOWAR, I think the following titles just might do it for you.

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Rec Roundup: Preteen Girls

I love recommending books. Loooooooove it. I happen to know an accomplished, Christian, homeschooled preteen who is an avid reader but wants to shield herself from inappropriate content. +10 points for high standards! Her mom approached me about getting some wholesome recommendations, and since the transition between kids/YA books can quite frankly be a dicey one, I thought I’d share them in case you know a similar book lover. Continue reading “Rec Roundup: Preteen Girls”

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