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Read, Watch, Listen Vol. 2

Wow, it’s been nine months since I first did one of these! It’s not attached to a group tag or anything, it’s just something I came up with to combine some of my favorite forms of media. We start with a book, then add a corresponding movie or YouTube video, finish off with a song and you’ve got a trio of goodness. Continue reading “Read, Watch, Listen Vol. 2”

Read, Watch, Listen Vol. 1

Books are undeniably awesome, and I could blab about them all day. But there’s lots of great forms of media out there, and sometimes you need a change of pace! We listen to music while we read, we watch movie adaptations of books and comics, we write fanfic and original stories, and on and on and on. So here’s the first of a new post series I’m starting, where I match a book with a movie and a song.

Continue reading “Read, Watch, Listen Vol. 1”

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